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Sixty-eight Years of Kensington-Made Proud

Read about why J.A. Cunningham Equipment and Weldsale have remained in Kensington/Fishtown for sixty eight years and how they've contributed to the "renaissance in American-made goods" and "re-shoring" (bringing jobs and business back to the United States)…

Meet Mavis, First-Time Homeowner

After meeting with NKCDC Housing Counselor, Sylvia Mendez, Mavis remarked, "I could really tell Sylvia enjoys her job because she was just as excited about me buying my first home as I was…

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Who is NKCDC?

NKCDC's mission is to strengthen the physical, social, and economic fabric of the community by being a catalyst for sustainable development and community building. NKCDC draws on the strengths of the community to empower residents and promote resident-driven development. While strategies have shifted over the past twenty eight years, NKCDC has developed into a community development corporation with a multi-faceted approach to neighborhood revitalization. Read more here.

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