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Vacant Land

The NKCDC Vacant Land Management Program was created in 1996 in response to residents' concerns about the negative impact vacant land has on their community. The Vacant Land Management Program addresses these concerns by helping residents clean, green, and maintain abandoned lots, by helping them acquire sideyard additions to their homes, and by planning for the redevelopment of vacant lots within NKCDC's service area.

Since the program's beginning, more than 300 parcels of land have been cleaned and greened, 156 lots have been brought into the sideyard program, and 15 trash-strewn vacant lots have been transformed into community gardens.

Seeing the increased safety and health benefits of greenspaces on our residents, the City later adopted our land management model city-wide. Nowadays, our Vacant Land Management crew is contracted to manage over 900 vacant parcels in our service area and beyond.

Do you have questions about cleaning, greening, or acquiring a vacant parcel? Get in touch with us!

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