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Dear neighbors,

New Kensington Community Development Corporation has been proud to serve the Riverwards for over 30 years. Through empowering residents and businesses to make positive changes in their neighborhood, NKCDC has been a catalyst for revitalization in Fishtown and East Kensington. Since 2007, NKCDC has been working with residents North of Lehigh Ave to spur the same type of community-powered revitalization.

Last summer, we completed construction on the residential portion of Orinoka Civic House – a $17.8 million renovation of an old textile mill now containing 51 units of affordable housing, commercial space, community room, and NKCDC's future offices. In order to fund and move to our new offices, NKCDC has decided to sell our properties at 2318-2326 East Susquehanna Ave.

Currently, those lots are fenced and used as equipment storage. NKCDC strongly believes that the sale of the four properties is the most efficient, community-serving option to raise revenue for our move to Orinoka Civic House. We look forward to continuing to support and service the Fishtown and East Kensington neighbors after our move, and hope you will come see us at the new office.


Why are you selling property instead of using other funding sources?

We received partial funding for our offices from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's Department of Community and Economic Development's Keystone Communities program in December 2017, but the additional grant and loan sources that we identified initially are no longer viable. Our move to Orinoka Civic House is time sensitive and we strongly believe that the sale of these lots is the most efficient, community-serving option to raise revenue for our move.

Who will these properties be sold to?

NKCDC will sell these four properties at market-rate for single-family development, which was determined as the best use for these parcels in a neighborhood-wide rezoning process last year. Unlike some of our other properties, we own these lots without deed restrictions on sale or use.

Why are you moving to Orinoka Civic House?

Our office move to Orinoka Civic House is a critical component of our neighborhood revitalization strategy and urgently needed, now, more than ever. You can read about our strategic investment in Orinoka in our North of Lehigh Plan here. NKCDC has been working with residents and public/private partners in the North of Lehigh area for over a decade. Given the rapidly changing neighborhood dynamics, we strongly believe the move of our offices is critical to more readily providing services to residents and serving as an anchor for stabilization and revitalization efforts.

Will I be able to access your new offices?

Yes, our new office will be easily accessible to those in our service area and around Philadelphia, only a few blocks from the Somerset MFL station and a short walk from our current offices on Frankford Avenue.

Will NKCDC still provide services to Fishtown and East Kensington?

Yes! Our move north of Lehigh does not signal an end to services in the southern portion of our service area. We will continue to expand home ownership opportunities and act as advocates for community needs. We'll also continue to provide direct services through representation on our Neighborhood Advisory Committee, housing counseling, business consulting, corridor management, and support to civic associations.

Are you selling your other properties?

There are no immediate plans to sell our other properties in Fishtown and East Kensington, including our current offices at 2513-15 Frankford Ave. We are working to create a plan that outlines the best use of our vacant properties. This process will involve comprehensive community engagement with residents through their civic associations.

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