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Felix Torres-Colon, Executive Director, x113, ftorrescolon@nkcdc.org
Barb Varela, Managing Director, Real Estate and Finance, x115, bvarela@nkcdc.org
Andrew Stachelek, Bookkeeper, x108, astachelek@nkcdc.org
Debbie Kinkead, Executive Associate, x112, dkinkead@nkcdc.org
Lisa Burgos, Morning Receptionist, x100, lburgos@nkcdc.org
Pauline Kemp-Gaines, Afternoon Receptionist, x100, pkemp-gaines@nkcdc.org
Brian Green, AmeriCorps VISTA Member, x104, bgreen@nkcdc.org
Lowell Brown, Communications and Development Specialist, x137, lbrown@nkcdc.org

Economic Development:

Akeem Dixon, Economic Development Director, x105, adixon@nkcdc.org
Sam Thomas, Commercial Corridor Coordinator, x124, sthomas@nkcdc.org
Kaelyn Anderson, Commercial Corridor Coordinator, x 136 kanderson@nkcdc.org
Clayton Chandler, Commercial Corridor Steward
Anthony Tatum, Commercial Corridor Steward
Kelli Walsh, AmeriCorps VISTA Member, x120, kwalsh@nkcdc.org

Housing Services:

Lorie Meyer, Director of Housing Services, x117, lmeyer@nkcdc.org
Joseph Filipski, Assistant Director of Housing Counseling/Compliance Officer, x102, jfilipski@nkcdc.org
Frances Ryley, Foreclosure Prevention Specialist/Senior Housing Counselor, fryley@nkcdc.org
Ana Hines, Housing Counselor, x126, ahines@nkcdc.org
Sakinah Lester, Energy/Housing Counselor, x123, slester@nkcdc.org
Cindy Tellado, Housing Counselor, x114, ctellado@nkcdc.org

Community Engagement:

Andrew Goodman, Community Engagement Director, x122, agoodman@nkcdc.org
Tess Donie, Associate Community Engagement Director, x139, tdonie@nkcdc.org
John Tracy, Land Use and Sustainability Coordinator, x125, jtracy@nkcdc.org
Renee Horst, Community Engagement Associate, x116, rhorst@nkcdc.org
Shawn Sheu, AmeriCorps VISTA Member, x103, ssheu@nkcdc.org

Vacant LandCare Management:

Noel Olmo, Landscaper
Tiff Vidra, Landscaper
Brian Cooper, Landscaper
Isaiah Sangho, Landscaper

Board of Directors

Wesley Cascone, President. Board Member since 2011
Timothy Lederer, Vice President, Board Member since 2012
Abby Bronstein, Secretary, Board Member since 2012
Joe A. Sergio, Treasurer, Board Member since 2015

Fernando Jones, Board Member since 2015
Thailan Lim, Board Member since 2011
Katie M. Martin, Board Member since 2016
Deborah McColloch, Board Member since 2016
Graham O'Neill, Board Member since 2015
Marilyn Pitt, Board Member since 2011
Marissa Rumpf, Board Member since 2016
Maura Shenker, Board Member since 2015
Sydney Stewart, Board Member since 2011
John Theobald, Board Member since 2011

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New Kensington Community Development Corporation
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