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Rhonda Anthony, Accounting Clerk, x106, ranthony@nkcdc.org
Lowell Brown, Special Projects Manager, x137, lbrown@nkcdc.org
Lisa Burgos, Morning Receptionist, x100, lburgos@nkcdc.org
Pauline Kemp-Gaines, Afternoon Receptionist, x100, pkemp-gaines@nkcdc.org
Debbie Kinkead, Executive Associate, x112, dkinkead@nkcdc.org
Bea Rider, Development Director, x111, brider@nkcdc.org
Shawn Sheu, Communications Associate, x107, ssheu@nkcdc.org
Andrew Stachelek, Bookkeeper, x108, astachelek@nkcdc.org
Felix Torres-Colon, Executive Director, x113, ftorrescolon@nkcdc.org

Real Estate Development

Brian Horne, Construction Associate, x127, bhorne@nkcdc.org
Renee Horst, Resident Services Associate, 267-314-0270, rhorst@nkcdc.org
Barb Varela, Managing Director, Real Estate and Finance, x115, bvarela@nkcdc.org

Economic Development

Kaelyn Anderson, Economic Development Director, x 136, kanderson@nkcdc.org
Tishara Grayson, Economic Development VISTA, x105, tgrayson@nkcdc.org *
Brian Green, Commercial Corridor Coordinator, x104, bgreen@nkcdc.org
Brian Cooper, Commercial Corridor Steward
Juan Donato, Commercial Corridor Steward
Kelli Walsh, Commercial Corridor Coordinator, x124, kwalsh@nkcdc.org

Housing Services

Maria Bonilla, Housing Advisor x134, mbonilla@nkcdc.org
Mary Campbell, Acting Director of Housing Services, x126, mcampbell@nkcdc.org
Joseph Filipski, Associate Director of Housing Services/Compliance Officer, x102, jfilipski@nkcdc.org
Melissa Kucherich, Foreclosure Prevention/Housing Advisor, x118, mkucherich@nkcdc.org
Sakinah Lester, Energy/Housing Advisor x123, slester@nkcdc.org
Ivette Velez, Housing Advisor, x114, ivelez@nkcdc.org

Community Engagement

Tess Donie, Associate Community Engagement Director, x139, tdonie@nkcdc.org
Andrew Goodman, Community Engagement Director, x122, agoodman@nkcdc.org
Tess Kerins, Organizational Advancement VISTA, x120, tkerins@nkcdc.org *
Lizette Lewis, Social Work Intern, x109, llewis@nkcdc.org
Rodney Mobley, Community Engagement Associate, x125, rmobley@nkcdc.org
Katsi Miranda-Lozada, Community Engagement Associate, x116, kmiranda-lozada@nkcdc.org
Ellie Vamos, Community Engagement VISTA, x103, evamos@nkcdc.org *

Vacant Land Management

Brian Cooper, Landscaper
Noel Olmo, Landscaper
Tiff Vidra, Open Space Supervisor, VLM@nkcdc.org

*AmeriCorps VISTA is a national service program aimed at alleviating poverty. New Kensington Community Development Corporation is grateful for the contributions of three AmeriCorps VISTA volunteers each year.

Board of Directors

Graham O'Neill, President; board member since 2015
Timothy Lederer, Vice President; board member since 2012
Sydney Stewart, Secretary; board member since 2011
Joe A. Sergio, Treasurer; board member since 2015

Keiko Cramer, 2017
Eddie Johnson, 2017
Todd Kimmel, 2017
Katie M. Martin, 2016
Carlos Masip, 2017
Deborah McColloch, 2016
Kevin Musselman, 2017
Bill Pace, 2017
Mike Parsell, 2017
Ron Reilly, 2017
Marissa Rumpf, 2016
Maura Shenker, 2015
John Theobald, 2011
Erica Vanstone, 2017

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