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Ad Sponsorship Options

The NKCDC Business Directory & Neighborhood Resource Guide is only possible with the support of ad sponsors. Besides the directory online, we print and distribute 6,000 copies throughout the 19125 and 19134 zip codes. An ad increases your exposure in the neighborhood year-round, and allows us to continue this great free service to our community!

Full Page ($695) - 6.5"w x 7.0"h
Half Page - Vertical ($360) - 3.31"w x 7.5"h
Half Page - Horizontal ($360) - 6.75"w x 3.69"h
Quarter Page ($235) - 3.31"w x 3.69"h
Eighth Page - Vertical ($125) - 1.59"w x 3.69"h
Eighth Page - Horizontal ($125) - 3.31"w x 1.78"h

We require ad artwork in high-resolution pdf or tiff format, formatted to fit the sizes above. Artwork must be submitted by Friday, December 9. If you need assistance with creating an ad for the Directory, NKCDC can refer you to a local graphic designer who can create low-cost, high-impact ad artwork for your business.

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In addition to ad sponsorship options, NKCDC lists local businesses for free as a way to increase your exposure and stretch your promotion dollars for the whole year.

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