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Zoning & Planning


Zoning is the way cities regulate how properties are developed. Zoning recommendations are made to the Philadelphia Zoning Board of Adjustment by authorized civic organizations known as Registered Community Organizations (RCOs). Contact your local civic association directly for zoning schedules or development proposals.

If your area has no RCO, contact NKCDC, which also serves as an RCO. For residential zoning inquiries, contact Andrew Goodman, Community Engagement Director. For commercial zoning inquiries, contact Kae Anderson, Director of Economic Development.


Neighborhood plans help guide development in an area. They are driven by residents, with extensive community participation. Here are some development plans in NKCDC's service area.

North of Lehigh Neighborhood Revitalization Plan
NKCDC's redevelopment of Orinoka Civic House is one product of a neighborhood plan that came out of community meetings, census data and 400 door-to-door surveys in the Kensington community north of Lehigh Avenue.

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